Discussion Questions

Day One—Monday, February 27th

Read: Chapter 1

Discussion Questions:

-What was different about the new second grader at Watertower Elementary?

-Mrs. Pidgeon taught her class that every story needs three important parts.  What are they?

-Who did the class choose as the main character for the story they would create together?  Why do you think they made this choice?


Day Two—Tuesday, February 28th

Read: Chapter 2

Discussion Questions:

-What was Gooney Bird wearing to school?  Describe her outfit.

-How did Gooney Bird expect the class to behave while she was telling her story?

-Do you think Mrs. Pidgeon and her classmates believed Gooney Bird’s story?  How can you tell?

-Why did Mr. and Mrs. Greene decide on Gooney Bird for her name?

Vocabulary Chapters 1 and 2: mysterious, origami, suggestion, suspense, cormorant, waltz


Day Three—Wednesday, March 1st

Catch up/Discuss


Day Four—Thursday, March 2nd

Read: Chapter 3

Discussion Questions:

-On Friday, Gooney Bird told her second story.  What were the three things Gooney Bird tells the class her story will include?

-Why did the Greene family leave China to move to Watertower? What did the class learn about China?

-Where was Catman hiding on the way to Watertower? What happened when Gooney tried to rescue him?


Day Five—Friday, March 3rd

Read: Chapter 4

Discussion Questions:

-Describe Gooney Bird’s earrings.

-Who did Mrs. Pidgeon think Napoleon was in Gooney’s story?  Who did he turn out to be?

-Why does Gooney like to include the word “suddenly” in her stories?

-How many pennies did Gooney have to use to get her glittery earrings?  From where did she get them?

Vocabulary Chapters 3 and 4: sternly, intermission, consumed, pinafore, rugged, secondary, lopsided


Day Six—Monday, March 6th

Read: Chapter 5

Discussion Questions:

-Why were the second graders sad at the beginning of the day on Tuesday?

-What reason did Gooney give the class for why she was late to school?

-The bus driver of the red and white bus had a problem.  What was it? How did Gooney help?

-Who was riding the bus and where did they need to be?  How did they thank Gooney for helping them?


Day Seven—Tuesday, March 7th

Read: Chapter 6

Discussion Questions:

-How did the second graders look different on Wednesday? 

-What did Gooney Bird tell the class cats do when they are frightened?

-Why did Catman like the cow?  Give 3 reasons.

-What happened when the farmer and his wife tried to take Catman into the house?

-When the farmer told Gooney Bird that Catman was consumed by his cow, what did he really mean?


Day Eight—Wednesday, March 8th

Catch up/Discuss


Day Nine—Thursday, March 9th

Read: Chapter 7

Discussion Questions:

-How did Gooney Bird look different when she took off her orange fur jacket?

-What did Gooney Bird mean by “invisible stories”?

-Who was going to continue telling stories in the class?

-Do you think Gooney Bird Greene was a good storyteller?  Why or why not?

Vocabulary Chapters 5 through 7: distressed, symphony, fascination, kimono, beloved