Prescott Reads! The One and Only Ivan

Reading Schedule for The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate

Full Parent Letter

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Day One—Tuesday, January 16th Read: pages 1-18 (including glossary)

Discussion Questions: Does Ivan see humans in a positive way?  Use details from the text to back up your answer.  Describe Julia.  How does Ivan feel about her?

 Day Two—Wednesday, January 17th Catch up/Discuss

 Day Three—Thursday, January 18th Read: pages 19-37

Discussion Questions: Ivan thinks Stella’s trunk is a “miracle.” What can she do with it?  What can’t she do?  Using evidence from the text, describe Bob.

 Day Four—Friday, January 19th Read: pages 38-66

Discussion Questions: Why does Ivan wish the grass was sometimes there, and sometimes not?

 Day Five—Monday, January 22nd Read: pages 67-96 

Discussion Questions: Why do you think Ivan likes drawing?  Why does he draw different pictures for Ruby?

 Day Six—Tuesday, January 23rd Read: pages 97-125

Discussion Questions: Explain why Ruby has to go into the ring without Stella.  How does Ivan feel about this?  What happened to Stella?  Why?  To comfort Ruby, Ivan tells her a story.  What does he reveal about his past?

 Day Seven—Wednesday, January 24th Catch up/Discuss

 Day Eight—Thursday, January 25th Read: pages 126-156

Discussion Questions: Explain what Ivan did with the cake frosting.  Why?

 Day Nine—Friday, January 26th Read: pages 157-187

Discussion Questions: Ivan now called his “domain” a “cage.” Why?  Illustrate one of Ivan’s paintings on a blank piece of paper.

 Day Ten—Monday, January 29th Read: pages 188-221

Discussion Questions: How does Ivan finally show his anger?  What is the reaction of Julia and George?

 Day Eleven—Tuesday, January 30th Read: pages 222-255

Discussion Questions: People arrive with signs and sticks.  Why? Describe Ivan’s feelings about going into the box.

 Day Twelve—Wednesday, January 31st Catch up/Discuss

 Day Thirteen—Thursday, February 1st Read: pages 256-300

Discussion Questions: Explain what happens the first time Ivan enters the gorilla exhibit?  Why does this happen? Who is Kinyani?  How does Ivan feel about her?  Why does he need Bob’s advice?  Explain what Ivan does to the new white wall.  Why does he do this?

Day Fourteen—Friday, February 2nd Review and Reflect

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