Arrival and Dismissal

Elementary Morning Car Riders 
Elementary cars will enter the campus by the school sign off West Cemetery 
Road. Students may be dropped off along the sidewalk next to the building.  For the 
safety of the children on campus, cars should 
remain in a single line because children exit on both sides of the car. They 
will go to the gym as they enter the building. 
Students will remain in the gym until 7:45 dismissal. 

Elementary Morning Bus Riders 
All bus students will go to the gym.Students will remain in the gym until 
7:45 dismissal. 

2:00 P.M. Pre K Car Riders 
At 2:00 Pre-K students will be picked up in the classroom. Parents can park in 
spaces provided in the rear parking lot in order to make contact with the teacher 
and safely pick up students. Do not park in or block the driving circulation area. 
Walkers and Car Riders from PSES
Please do not enter the car line until after 2:15 P.M. 
• For the safety of our Prescott families, do not park and walk in the 
building to pick up elementary students unless instructed to do so by car line staff. 
• Do not park in or block the driving circulation area.

Anyone picking up a child from the elementary car line, or walk up line, must have a "Car Rider Pick Up" hanger visible to staff. Please note that anyone picking up your child will need a hangtag. If you plan to pick your child up either in the car line or as a walker, you must have this hanger visible to our staff, otherwise, you will be directed to the office to present a photo ID.

We, as a staff, will be dependent upon you, the families, to make sure that anyone who needs a hanger has one, and anyone who should not pick up a child does not have a hanger. In addition, staff will no longer be permitted to allow a child to enter a vehicle without a hanger, even if the staff member knows the parent/guardian by sight.

This traffic design is not created for pedestrians during dismissal. Please pull 
forward as far as possible in the carline. Follow the direction of teachers on duty 
so students can be safely loaded into cars.

Middle and Elementary Sibling Car Line
Middle school students with elementary siblings will sit on the benches along the 
sidewalk near the bus area to wait for their ride. 
Students are responsible for watching for their own car. If a student is not 
present when called, parents will be asked to loop around the car line until the 
student arrives in order to keep traffic flowing. If misbehavior of an elementary or middle school 
students takes place, the privilege of being picked up in the sibling line
may be lost.